Donations for LibreOffice

I would like to make a donation using a Visa Gift card. I tried various methods on the website to no avail. Please include payment systems that allow gift cards. I will not use my debit card on the internet. Banking on the internet is not for me.

I saw one company called Pay Garden that takes gift credit cards

You’ve come to the wrong place. Try:

If you read carefully they tried, but the options offered can’t be used with a gift card (which is a kind of prepaid debit card).

And no, I don’t think such option exists.

@Gifford603 you could do a wire bank transfer as lined out on the donation page. Or, I don’t know if Stripe supports gift cards, but if so a donation with Liberapay using Stripe might be possible.

@erAck , and if you read very carefully :wink:, it says:

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