DOS/OS2-437/US text files in Libre Office Writer

I regularly have to edit textfiles encoded in ASCII-437. Rather than going through the tedious “Text - choose encoding” procedure I would like to open such files from the command line, so I can embed the command into a script. As suggested in help I tried the switch --infilter=“Text (encoded):Western Europe (DOS/OS2-437/US)” but without success. What can I do?

Try it similar to this after the path and call of soffice.exe

--infilter="Text (encoded):IBM_437,CRLF,," -o "C:\Users\pppregin\Desktop\EncodedText.txt"

The encodings are listed in

The line ends are LF for Linux, CR for MacOS and CRLF for Windows. The parameters missing in my example are for the font name and the language. I have not tried their syntax.

Herzlichen Dank, Regina, dein Tipp funktioniert einwandfrei, auch mit code pages 850 und 1250. Was bedeuten die beiden Kommata nach CRLF, sind weitere Optionen möglich?

font name and language