Double actions when control is pressed

This behaviour is bugging me recently and I decided to post here after noticing it is still happening when I upgrade from 6.4.6 to 7.0.4.

When and use Control+Anything Libreoffice does the action twice.
For instance, control+v pastes twice the content of the clipboard.
I thought this could be a system issue, but it only happens in Libreoffice apps (Writer, Calc, Impress).

I found a few people reporting something similar on other forums, but no solution so far.

Any ideas?

I am using Libreoffice 7.0.4 in KDE Neon 5.20.

@LeoBarichello: I reopend the question because the “duplicate question” looks to me faulty. When you close again the question, take care to select the right reason from the drop down menu, such as “answer given” or “irrelevant”, …


I found out the origin of the problem: a package called warsaw, used by a bank in Brazil for internet banking safety.
I knew it was invasive but had no idea how much…

It is removed and the problem is gone!

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solved the problem!

Interesting solution. But what should I do if I do need warsaw for using my bank accounts?

This is the wrong place to ask. Ask a Brazilian bank

On a modern linux you would isolate the part either in a container or a virtual machine. So your main system keeps clean, but you can still export the typical csv-data from the container.