Double Click on Filename Doesn't Open File

Hello, I am Songmistress. I would like to have assistance. I have Libre Office on my home PC. It has stopped allowing me to “open documents”. I have no problem viewing the folders, and which documents are in them

Double clicking the name of the particular document does not show me anything. Do you have any suggestions? This trouble opening docs began today. What other details would be helpful to you? Many thanks, Songmistress

Edit [Opaque] Added a short title and put details into description of the question.

May be your file associations have been removed or changed. Are you using Windows? If yes - open your File Manager (Windows Explorer), go to the directory were one of your Writer file is stored and do not double click on the file name but right click with your mouse and select Open with from the context menu. Select "LibreOffice Writer` as the application and don’t forget to check option Always use this app to open .odt files.

Have you installed MS Office, which recently received an update?

@anon73440385, the file allocation may also be lost through a Windows update.

Your comment is also a good answer. :slight_smile: