Double-click the spacebar for the period

Can anyone tell me how to activate the double-click option on the spacebar to automatically add the period?

Please, edit your question (=modify it, don’t answer with a comment) to explain the rationale or use case since you generally have a period key on keyboards. Mention OS name, LO version and save format.

OS name is most important because keyboards are first managed by the OS and your question may have deep implications.

Personally, this is the first time I hear of a “double key press” to generate something different than a repetition of the pressed key.

didn’t work. Using this substitution he punctuates not only the end of the sentence, but also in the middle of the text in a disorganized way.

Before two spaces, between characters.
Works for me, but not at the end of a paragraph.
You must check that the text language is the same that the replace table language.

@inho: may I remind you that entering two spaces at the end of a sentence is a deprecated practice, even in the US where standards no longer recommend it since at least the 1980’s? In addition, this is detrimental to the justification algorithm(s) because space is not considered as a real character but as a kind of placeholder for some spacing (width of this spacing is dynamically computed).

I already noticed on AskLO that many (US) scholars still require this outdated practice inherited from the mechanical typewriter era.

This seems not to be the request here, but that SpaceSpace would be like a shortcut key for ". " (period space).