double click to fill doesn't seems to be working!

Hello Guys,

I have installed libreoffice calc recently and facing a really weird issue.

While having some values in the cells A1 to A10 and when i enter a vlookup function in cell A1 and try to double click the corner to auto fill vlookup function up to A10, It doesn’t work. I have to delete values from the mentioned cells to get this working.

This was not the case few years back, It seems like some settings has been changed in the latest version or i have changed something by mistake. Any help regarding my issue is really appreciated.

Thanks is Advance.

Cannot confirm your observation on LibreOffice (there is no libra office) (you did not mention yours) on openSUSE 15.1 Linux/KDE (you didn’t mention either).

Aside Please adapt the title, since the details are describing something not working.

Actually i was on the previous version just updated the package to and my issue got resolved, really sorry for the typos.