Double Enter promotes paragraph in numbered list

When I press Enter at the end of a numbered paragraph, Writer creates another paragraph on the same level, but when I press Enter again, then it’ll promote the same paragraph to higher level, instead of creating a new one.

Is this standard behavior? Is there a way to evade this?

I looked at what you reported under the assumption that your “numbered paragraph” means an element of a “numbered list”.

Indeed when you hit the Enter key twice Writer promotes the numbered paragraph but not only 1 level but to an unnumbered paragraph.

This make sense if you list looks like:

  1. hdslfahd
  2. jhldsahfal

This makes in my opinion no sense if the list looks like:

  1. ajfdlha
    . 1. blalkjdfa
    . 2. second level sample paragrah
  2. first level sample paragraph

When you hit Enter twice while the cursor is in “2. second level sample paragraph” the result should be like “2. first level sample paragraph”

I made the test using LibO on XP.

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