Double page view scroll down

Hi everyone,

When using libreoffice writer, I set the zoom to view two pages at once (either with book view activated or just with two columns).

Is it posible to lock the view in a way that scrolling down advances full pages instead of viewing 4 pages partly?

I want to have the same behavior as in print preview, where you can see two full pages and it scrolls down in full pages, however I haven’t found an option to do it.

Thank you

PS: I use Libreoffice 3.4.4 under Ubuntu 11.10

I tried this in 3.5 and you’re right, scrolling down does not preserve the centered view. I think it would be a useful feature.

I would suggest requesting this as an enhancement. Perhaps the best place to propose and discuss this would be the UX design mailing list:

Thank you for your answer, I’ll do the suggestion in that mailing list. Best regards.