Download page errors out is unreachable and has been so for some hours. That’s the link from the download torrent button on the we site.

Are there alternatives?

A hard disk failed, but all should be available now again.

When the regular download fails, you can pull it from one of the mirrors (See for an autmatically created list)

or our archive-location:

Index of /libreoffice/old (despite the old in the path, it also contains the current versions)

While on a different set of disks, it is still on the same server, thus only works when the server itself is up and not down for the disk-replacement.

New link for “all mirrors”: is available now.

See also → short downtime on mail and download server

Thanks a lot guys, I thought it was a bit odd. I actually managed to pull a download from Sourceforge. Keep up the good work. Libre Office is a good product.