Downloaded font not showing up in Writer on Mac

Hello! I recently downloaded Alegreya’s .otf file from FontSquirrel and installed it. The font shows up both on Microsoft Word and the built-in TextEdit app on my Mac, but not LibreOffice.

I found similar questions (ex: here) saying to look in “user/shared/font” folder, but I think this is for Windows because I can’t find those folders under my user folder’s name. I have restarted LIbreOffice, and my computer to no avail. Is there anything else I can do?


Edit: Added a link to the font. And my OS is Mac 10.14, LibreOffice is

Please provide the exact links to the fonts you download, so someone could try to reproduce the issue

Here’s the font. I installed the Regular and SC versions, and both are absent.

From the link, the font was uploaded in 2012. In computer lore, this is eternity. Can you tell what type of font it is? Type 1 fonts are no longer supported in LO. If it is indeed a type 1 font, this could explain why it doesn’t show up in LO (Writer) but may show up in Apple utilities or applications relying only on OS services if the OS still provides support.

The user/shared/font don’t belong to Windows but is Linux/Ubuntu etc.
Some Information for the placement of fonts on a Mac you may find here at

I have not checked the content, but the Link at FontSquirrel advertises .otf so Type1-format should not be an issue.


@ajlittoz Hmm. I had no idea there were Type 1 fonts, or other kinds. The font was made by/for Huerta Tipográfica, and they list the font as “OpenType” on their website, so that must be one of the newer types and FontSquirrel’s is outdated. I downloaded the font from Huerta Tipográfica, and it shows up fine in LO!

The answer: the original file downloaded from FontSquirrel was from 2012 and the font was a Type-1 font, which isn’t supported by LibreOffice. Installing an updated (OpenType) version of the same font from the original designer’s website solved the issue.