Downloaded LO to Mac OS10.9.5 but it won't open

When I click on the icon I get a window with a progress bar saying “verifying” which keeps running indefinitely. So I’m stuck there.

First things first. Exactly what file did you download and from where? Did you check the file you downloaded with one of the checksum hash numbers available via the download webpage? Have you checked the downloaded file is not corrupt?

I downloaded LibreOffice suite from their website. When I click on in my Applications folder I get a progress bar in a window saying, “Veryifying”. It continues till I shut off the computer.

I have the same problem with Maverick and downloaded directly from LO website as well. I tried downloading first LO 5.3 and it got stuck at verifying. I force quit, shut down, trashed LO 5.3, then downloaded 5.2.5 and had the same problem. Based on the help boards I couldn’t find any comments from LO. Does anyone know the status of this and when it will be fixed? Thanks!