Drag & drop image original size side-by-side

I just wanted to see 3 images side-by-side in my browser so I made a new HTML Document. I dragged them but they were stretched; trying to fix them I noticed they were anchored to the paragraph, I just want the resulting code to make 3 consecutive with nothing in between, or the equivalent (I’m not used to HTML 5), I think that would be by setting them as character. Is there a way to either get that by default next time, or to change it to that–quickly–possibly through the toolbar?

Suggestion: I was forced to use a tag of “common, writer, calc, impress, base, draw, math or meta”, I think html should have been listed in there.

Thank you kindly

I was forced to use a tag of “common, writer, calc, impress, base, draw, math or meta”

One is always required, since any question is related to one of this tags (in your case: You used writer to create the html document, and using tag writer brings experts in using writer on the scene (tags are commonly used as triggers).

Anyway, this site will be deprecated in 3 weeks (see headline)

It seems there’s a miscommunication, I used the editor that appeared after I used menu > File > New > HTML Document; in New there was also Text Document and I did not use that.

Even if you want to create an HTML document, you are using Writer which means document composition is done under Writer rules. If you’re more familiar with direct HTML creation, use an HTML utility. Many browsers have a document creation function.

Writer is intended to manage a text flow. Whatever is in the text flow (characters or other objects) are laid out sequentially with line wrapping. Objects may be positioned “off-flow”. Doing so will remove a rectangular (usually) area from the page so that text flow will not interfere with the object. This can be controlled through the anchor and wrap properties.

Anchor As character leaves the object “in-flow”, making it a sort of big character, while all other anchor modes are “off-flow” and the objects may be positioned anywhere in the page.

Your questions has to issues: position and size integrity.

Dropping the images into Writer created frames with default properties. One of them is Autosize. This may have two results: the frame adjust to to the contents or the contents is adjusted to the frame size.

Fix it by right-clicking on the images and Properties. Reset to original size (if not too large) or ensure that Keep ratio is checked and change the size.

Positioning is a bit more tricky. If anchor is As character, the images are considered as synthetic characters; delete intervening characters to have them consecutive (but line wrapping may still occur if they are wide).

Nota: enable View>Fomatting Marks to have clues about what is really present in your document.

With a different anchor mode, if you want an automatic position behaviour, it is better to rely on a frame style. Customize it for the position of the first image only (in Type tab). To get the automatic “shift” behaviour, in the Wrap tab, remove Allow overlap check mark and select Optimal wrap mode.

Apply the same frame style to all images.

Using styles, you end up with a very quick formatting mathod: double-click on style name and you’re done. Reusing a style in a new document can be done in two ways: loading styles from another document (rightmost icon in style sidepane toolbar) or saving them in a template and working from this template.

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