Dragged functions don't autocalculate

Hi, I’m using LibreOffice Calc version on Windows 10. I’m trying to make a function that spits out a true or false depending on whether a certain cell has a number in it. I will be updating this list, not just doing a one and done deal, so I need it to recalculate on its own in case any of the cells’ values change.

I’m trying to get the function to work, but only the first instance of it will autocalculate. If I want any subsequent iteration of the function to calculate I have to hit CTRL+SHIFT+F9. I’ve tried enabling and disabling autocalculate, but nothing seems to do the trick.Sometimes even hard recalculating doesn’t work. Any advice?

What you enter (for evaluation) into a cell as (e.g.) =IF(ISNUMBER(A2);15;-3) is called a formula in Calc. A function is a named item helping to create operands usable in formulas in the same way as constants, variables, or parenthesed expressions. In the example ISNUMBER is a function, and many also call the subexpression ISNUMBER(A2) a function,

In your case I suppose you have not enabled >Data>Calculate>AutoCalculate. A formula just entered and parsed will be calculated anyway, but filled down (or to elsewhere) it will show the value taken from the first cell it was filled in if AutoCalculate is disabled as long as not a recalculation is ordered. Also changes of contents the formula depends on will not cause a recalculation then. This does not depend on whether the filling was done by dragging the fill-handle with the mouse or by activating the respective menu item (under >Sheet>Fill Cellls in recent versions), probably using a shortcut.

I meant to say formula, sorry for the confusion. However, autocalculate is not disabled. If I do the same thing in excel, it updates anytime I change the value in the cell I referenced in the formula. Not sure why it doesn’t do the same thing in Calc.

(I didn’t want to criticize, but just to clarify. Nonetheless you may edit your question.)
Calc isn’t Excel, and shouldn’t try to be, but in this case it clearly behaves the same way - if not a specific situation was “created”. This may have happened by accident very likely.
To tell more is difficult as long´as I cannot take place at your side and watch your steps.
Propbably I can find something if you attach an example to your question that shows the issue for you.
Otherwise I can only think of the fact that “Very strange effects are sometimes caused by user profile corruption.”
Are you sure that the original formula entered into the first cell was evaluated?