[Draw] Add point(s) to a line (connectors)


In LibreOffice Draw, version (Ubuntu 20.04) .

I’m not a specialist of Draw. I want to make a schema with some rectangular shapes linked with connectors

I added some “glue points” to my shape and did some links between.

Now I have something annoying. Some links are made of several pieces, and when I select the line, I see several “green” dots allowing me to move each section.

But some other have only 3 sections and 1 “green” dot only.

How can I add more “sections” or “green” dots to this kind of lines ?

I found the icon “insert points” but it’s grey always !!

To ask the question differently : Is it possible to make a shape “impassable” to force Draw to find an alternative way for the connector and not passing through (or under/above as you want) ?

Thanks in advance for your help


Shapes cannot be made “non-overlappable”. You must then play with the connector.

Connectors may have from 1 to 5 segments. However, this is not sufficient if you want to by-pass some shapes the connector.

Remember that all objects in Draw have approximately the same properties. This means that connectors also have “glue” points. If you can’t make do with a single connector between your two terminal shapes, just build a first connector from the first shape to anywhere in the canvas. Then draw a second connector from the end of the first to the second shape.

Now you have a segmented connector with up to 10 segments. If this is not enough use 3 connectors.

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Ok, it works … not what I was expected, but acceptable


For version 6.3.6:

In the current incarnation, connectors have a life of their own. You can’t edit the points/segments. You can reroute a connector using the existing segments. You can move the connected objects to force the creation of additional segments. Those line segments depend only on the connected objects, with no evasion of other objects/lines.

The moment you move a connected object, rerouting of connectors is reset to default, and you have to do it all over again. It has been this way for as long as I can remember. Not sure that it persists in newer versions (I haven’t tested with 6.4/7) but I suspect that nothing has changed.

I commonly use “connected connectors” like Ajlittoz describe in his answer. A bit of a hassle, but it works. The routing reset when you move objects is still annoying. If you have 3 parts, it is often best to have the middle part as a multiline, not a connector. With that, and careful selection of exit direction for glue points, it is workable.

Thanks for the answer

the “connected connectors” method is a little bit tricky but it works

Few years ago I was “playing” with Visio and I remember that it was already complicated

But I quickly “find my marks” in Draw … the most missing piece for me are the “keyboard shortcut”. Look like I can define my own but I found this annoying for a “occasional” usage.