Draw: Aging and Smooth filters don't work

LO on Win7

The other filters work on a selected photo, but not Aging and Smooth.

I have searched high and low for reference to this issue and have found none. Much less the solution.

Perhaps you can help, though. :slight_smile: If so, please do.

Thank you,

PS: Yes, I have tried on multiple photos and in multiple documents.

Maybe it depends on the type (bmp, jpg, etc.) of the images?

I cannot see a difference for either high or low resolution jpgs for either Ageing or for Smooth with small or large settings either. Tested also by using undo to instantly show difference; no effect. Compare to Sharpen which has a very coarse effect. Remove Noise might be a substitute for Smooth. Windows 10 20H2 LibreOffice

I would always use an image editor such as GIMP for editing bitmaps so I have never used the filter before.

It’s a bug tdf#117750