[Draw] - Change text alignment in one text box only

Hi everyone,

Newbie question here - I searched the topics maybe this has been asked and answered already but I can’t find it. I’ve noticed that changing the text alignment/justifying of one text-box (right, left, or centered) changes ALL text boxes to the selected alignment.

Is it possible to vary text alignments between the text boxes - maybe there’s a setting somewhere to adjust?

It seems quite limiting to allow text boxes but only have one kind of alignment allowed.


I think you have all your text boxes grouped together. Either:

  • Right click on a text and select Enter Group, then edit your text box as required
  • Right click on a text box and select Ungroup, deselect all (click elsewhere) then edit your selected text box
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thanks for quick response!

see my comment responses to ajlittoz below (right click has no “Enter Group” option).

i got the solution below … buuut, if i am incorrectly “right clicking” on text and i need to right click in a different way to access the solution in a different way … i’m still interested…

This happens when you modify the style the box is formatted with. So, please, describe step by step what you are doing (every button/icon you press, commands you apply, …) and/or attach a sample file.


thanks for your quick help!

above shows boxes all boxes left justified

above: i select the text, right click it, select “Edit Style” …

pic c

above: a pop up gui comes, i select the “Alignment” tab, under Options i select “Center”, and then click on OK…

above: … and ALL the text boxes are center justified rather than just one text box…

i tried the suggestion of EarnestAl above but right clicking on the text as shown in the second pic in second comment above has no “Enter Group” option … so not sure what to do …

oh now i understand.

if i select the box, go to the tabs at the top (instead of selecting options from the right click drop down menu) and then choose the secondary “Update Selected Style” drop down menu option from the primary “Styles” drop down menu option it modifies that box’s center-right-left justification only.

feeling dum so obvious.

thanks for patience with newbie hiccups…!