Draw: Connectors moving after editing shape text [closed]

@LeroyG: Thank you so far​:+1:. The info is added. The actual file, I have to check about any confidential info, before uploading :relieved: Will be continued


 OS+LO version info:
 Build ID: d7547858d014d4cf69878db179d326fc3483e082
 CPU threads: 16; OS: Linux 5.4; UI render: default; VCL: gtk3
 Locale: nl-NL (en_GB.UTF-8); UI: en-GB
 Calc: threaded

Hi, I have created a flowchart with a number of shapes and have drawn “Connectors” between a number of shapes. So far , so good :grinning:. The Connectors originate from 1 shape, to many other shapes in the flowchart. The Connectors are vertically nicely aligned, all straight down. So far, so good.

Now when I start editing the text of 1 or more connected shapes, all the vertical Connectors lines jump all over the place :relieved:

For every shape I edited the text, the Connectors line jumps to the left or right😌…

All the vertical Connectors lines are a big mess now!

The size of the shape itself is never changed, they all have a size of 10mm * 10mm, just the text is changed.

Font-size and type have not been changed.

Very disappointing after all my work!:relieved:

Why is this happening and how to avoid this???
Can anyone help me?
Many thanks and kind regards,


@LeroyG: for now just some screenshots of the “ODG” file

is image is original shapes and Connectors

this is the same flowchart, but than after editing the shape text, and Connectors line are moved

(formatting edited by ajlittoz)

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@LeroyG Thank you :+1: for your efforts in helping me with the question. The answer/explanation given by ajlittoz is clear.

Your screen shots are unusable because they don’t show the startting and ending points of the connectors.

I suspect that initially you had several vertical connector strokes in the same vertical position.

Your assumption about the connectors linking “only” the glue points is wrong. The boxes are 10x10 mm but you say nothing about text. If text overflows the box, which is likely according to your description, connector routing algorithm will try to work around the text.

Consider that the chosen glue point has a corresponding one in the text bounding box. If text is fully inside the shape, the corresponding point is not used. If text overflows the shape, the connector is attached to the corresponding point on the bounding box and from there a straight line is drawn to the real glue point. Outside, the connector is recomputed so that it avoids text.

Even trying to offset the text from the box with Format>Text will not cure reliably the issue.

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@ajlittoz Thank you for the explanation👍. It explains to me, why the lines started moving around.

You’re welcome