Draw; Design Computer Networks

Can LibreOffice Draw be used to create computer network designs? If so, where can I find the symbols for computer networking? My thanks in advance.

Your question lacks details. So, please, edit it (click on the … icon then on the “pencil” tool; don’t start a conversation with comments at this stage) to describe what you want to achieve.

Draw can create diagrams where “nodes” (shapes) are connected by special lines called connectors. These connectors remain glued to the shapes when you move them. This is very handy to find the best layout with minimal connector crossing.

The right sidebar (View>Sidebar if not visible) has a Gallery with lots of preset shapes. Perhaps you could find what you need in the Network category. Click on the fourth icon from the top.

Note: when asking, always mention OS name, LO version (and save format) as there are subtle differences between platforms and releases.

Yes, LibreOffice Draw does it well.

But you can also draw your own objects for your use.

Select the icons from the sidebar ( Strg+F5 ), there in the Gallery>Network.

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Also in Extensions Computer Gallery and not Draw but related Computer/Server/Network Rack Design spreadsheet.

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