Draw: distribute between snap lines?

Is it at all possible to distribute drawn objects between two snap lines? For example, assume horizontal snap lines at 1" and 5" vertical. Add three small objects (< 1/2") between them. Is there an operation that will distribute those objects such that there is one at 2", one at 3" and one at 4"?

My TurboCad software does this and it’s quite handy at times. I suggest you submit a feature request. Menu to Help | Send feedback …

Thanks for the feedback. I’ll do the feature request. I just got into Draw because MS/Win 10 has managed to disable my installation of Visio 2002. I could do this operation there.

Enhancement request.

I don’t think this exists. It seems a bit excessively specific. You’ll probably just have to place the objects on the ends first, and distribute as normal.