Draw freezes when saving with cursor in text box

I am working on a 5 page Draw file (94 kB, text boxes and some graphics) running on Windows 10. The file has a mix of single line and multi-line textboxes. When I save the document with the cursor in a multi-line text box, Draw freezes (Not Responding) for about 6 minutes while it completes the save. During the save, disk usage is between 0 and 5% with occasional spikes to 17%, but CPU immediately jumps to 20% with spikes to 35% until save process completes, at which time it falls back to 2%. At about 3 minutes into the save process, the green save bar goes to 100%, and remains there until the save completes at just over 6 minutes.

When the cursor is not in a text box or is in a single-line textbox, Draw saves the file in less than a second.

Any thoughts?