DRAW: How to show comment text in print

I am generating a PDF of a drawing from LibreOffice draw. How can I print the contents of the Comment boxes?

Here is a link to the file for reference:
Pre-CampaignTimeline.odg (180.3 KB)

You can use the upward pointing arrow icon to upload files to this site.
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Removed link and uploaded file. Thank you

Export as PDF, and in the PDF reader (tested with the Adobe’s one), you can view and export the comments.

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I am not seeing the comments. Navigating to View > Tools > Comments displays the comment frame but it appears empty. I am using Adobe Acrobat Reader Dc Verison 2021.007.20099

Is there an option I need when exporting to PDF from DRAW?

Tick the box Comments as PDF annotations

Export to PDF:

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…and print.

Excuse me that the screenshot is in Spanish.


THANK YOU!! This is exactly what I needed!