DRAW: howto select by element category?


first of all, a great thank for developping libreoffice.

Now, the point: i’ve imported some pdf plan in draw ( a great functionnality! ) to correct some part of the drawing. Doing so, i’ve got many unnecessary objects who are weighting heavily on the size and compute ressources ( size of the file: more than 1400MB ). The unneccessary elements are all of bitmaps type.
I think this is not the pdf import fault.
However, i belive that a way to select ( in a selected area would be the nirvana, but for all the drawing would be good ) in one operation, all of a particular element type would be a great option. In that case, that would avoid me to pick, one by one, then delete all of those wrong bitmaps stuff.

Many thanks again, and hoping this could be a good idea