Draw in 5.2 can't insert background images anymore. Is this a regression?

LibreOffice Draw in 5.1 and earlier allows you to select a rectangle or similar object, and insert an image from a file. This will automatically set it as the background image for the rectangle. This is a critical part of my workflow as I use Draw for compositing a webcomic.

In 5.2 and 5.3 alpha, the image is inserted into a new object and cannot be dragged into the destination object as far as I can tell.

So my question is - is this a regression, i.e. a defect that should be reported on Bugzilla, or a deliberate design decision to remove that functionality? If the latter, what am I supposed to do instead? Is there some trick to doing this?

Adding the images to the gallery so they can be selected as bitmap background via the AREA menu is a non-starter. I have 6500 of them, each of which seems to want a unique name. Each image only needs to be used once, but I use at least three different computers for assembling comics so adding all these images to the gallery on every single machine is not going to fly.

If it helps clarify things, I’ve put together a video showing the process working correctly in 5.1, and then my cringe-inducing attempts to get 5.2 to do the same thing:

Any ideas?


Thank you for reporting. I reproduce the problem. IMO it is a bug & a regression.

It is interesting to note that it continues to function properly in Impress with (x64) but this is no more ok in Impress with or

I found no Issues about this. It would be nice if you could create the bug report. See BugReport.


Thanks, I will do that.