Draw - Increase size resolution

I do drawings for a small fab shop. We send them as SVG to a place that has a large CNC router. Recently I had to do some very small parts requiring 1/16" accuracy. This, of course requires resolution to 4 decimal places and draw does only 2. The guy at the CNC shop mentioned that my drill holes were ovals and that he had to do a fix-up on the whole file.
Please note that we work in inches and only inches. Metric is NOT an option.
We routinely deal in 1000 ths inch tolerance.
Any help?

The resolution of Draw is 1/1000". As that is the best resolution, then maybe it’s time to use Inkscape (3 decimal places displayed), or better still, FreeCad?

Accurate to 1/16"? The difference between 0.0625 and 0.06 is around the thickness of a typical hair at 2.5 thousandths of an inch, well within 1/16" tolerance. Or is 1/16" the size of the part?

Note. Oval holes can be avoided by holding Shift when drawing.

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