Draw : joining text fields?

I am unfortunately re-editing pdf files in Draw, whose originals aren’t available.

I am very satisfied already, with e. g. the capacity to run the spell checker etc., but as I wish to move pictures within the text, I face the problem that the text actually lies in myriads separate fields.

Is there a way to somehow “re-associate” these text fields in Draw, so that I could get a more manageable ‘big rectangle’ of sorts, and push / split it better to displace the pictures?

Thank you!!

Not yet, but a “consolidate text” feature will be implemented in version 6.4 (this version will be released on February 2020).

And you can try it out with a developer version of LibreOffice. A developer version can be installed parallel to your productive version. It is available from Index of /daily/master/. Of cause, only use it on a copy of the document.

Regina, thanks to you I did install LO 6.4 aside my 6.3, and indeed I efficiently started “consolidating text”, but I found something that may be a bug, or a behavior I don’t understand : there are cases when consolidating two texts switches the top one with the bottom one. Like, I usually consolidate two blocks

Text 1
Text 2

into a single block containing

Text 1Text 2

and in some cases I obtain, funnily,

Text 2Text 1

even though clearly Text1 is above Text2 in the page…

I have built an example file doing just this, in a single draw page : I can send it as an example, if that helps?


Yes, that is a problem. But there is no solution yet. The reason is, that this feature uses the internal order, not the visual arrangement. We took the patch, because a not perfect solution now is better than a perfect solution, which comes never. I hope that there are not too many cases, where you still need to correct something manually with copy&paste. At least you are now inside a box.

Oh, thank you for this excellent explanation!
For sure I imagine any alternate solutions like ordering them by… vertical position because this case pleases just user X… would certainly bring further concerns for other users.
Again, thank you for this. No I know what happens, I"ll definitely deal with it!

Excellent, thank you very much!!
I’m definitely impressed by the quality and efficiency of the people here!