Draw on ubuntu is missing the modify menu

I am trying to move from windows draw to ubuntu draw but I need some functions I found on windows platform under the main menu “modify-convert” and “modify-flip”

The draw on ubuntu does not even have the menu “modify” next to tools.

Where are those functions ?

any help appreciated thanks

Please provide a screenshot of the menu you mean - there is no menu modify-convert under main menu of LibreOffice Draw - regardless of the operating system.

According to your “answer” (and screenshot - thanks for that): Seems you compare apple and oranges. Your screenshot clearly shows OpenOffice, while this site is about LibreOffice and you probably have installed LibreOffice on Ubuntu. Please note: OpenOffice is not identical to LibreOffice!

thanks a lot

Next to ‘tool’ is a menu ‘modify’ on the windows version
I need the functionalities under that menu :frowning:

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sadly your question did not mention the fact that you were talking about OpenOffice Draw in Windows and LibreOffice Draw in Ubuntu. Though the two software products share a common history they diverged in the course of time and differ in many aspects now.

Most of the functionality of OpenOffice’s Modify menu is in menu Shape of LibreOffice Draw

Hope that helps.

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