Draw resize grouped objects including text proportionally

Have a set of line objects with text boxes and trying to resize this to a smaller size so that everything is proportional, whilst still keeping editability of all objects.

In Draw, text boxes do not seem to resize their contents and this makes sense given text size is defined by character/font size, eg. size 12. Interactive frames do not appear to be available in draw and “floating frame” did not achieve anything.

Perhaps one way is to define a style and apply it to all text boxes and modify the text/character style to suit the size of surrounding objects. However, this is cumbersome.

In the image below the original is on the left. Blue text is within text boxes. On the right after trying to resize the group you can see the objects are resized but text is not.

Is there another way to enter text so that it can be easily resized using the mouse to fit in with other objects?

image description

Have not played around with Fillable forms yet so I don’t know what their capabilities are but it seems like this is not the direction to achieve the goal.

Unless there is a way to easily select all (or some) text boxes in a draw document probably the quickest and easiest way is to go with manipulating the style applied to text boxes:

To cater for existing text boxes, right click each one and select Autofit Text from the context menu. You may also need to alter the settings detailed below as well for this to achieve the desired result.

To cater for future text boxes, modify the Default style by right clicking on a text frame and on the main Text tab, uncheck both Fit width to text and Fit height to text then check/tick Fit to frame. Increasing the font size significantly in the font tab was also helpful.

Resizing from a moderate size font to a smaller size font can be fiddly requiring you zoom in and out to get your bearings but this can be cumbersome, so to work around this you can simply increase the size of the text then use the mouse to decrease the size of the frame to a smaller one.

You have made the correct statements regarding the text. You won’t be able to drag it bigger with the mouse unless it was a graphic. Still, you want it to work differently.

I don’t see any possibility there, except as you have noticed yourself about styles.

I also don’t understand exactly why you need this feature.

I guess you are dealing with a form that is, for example, on an A4 page. You previously filled it out by hand and now you want to edit it on the computer.

Maybe you can upload your form here.
Draw in red beforehand with a pen where the fields for the entries should be.

To upload, please edit your initial question, there is the paper clip symbol for uploading files.

Because normally a form is created with the so-called form controls and can later be exported to a fillable PDF.

See: Create a fillable form

Of course, you also have to specify the font sizes there. A sheet only has a certain space. Depending on what is to be written on a sheet, the font size must match.