Draw: Right-hand PDF booklet pages display with transparent backgrounds

I’m using Draw to edit a PDF booklet. The pages display two at a time. But I can hardly see the text on the right-hand pages because they display with transparent backgrounds instead of white backgrounds and I use dark theme. What can I change so that both pages will show white backgrounds?

Many thanks!

Though it is possible, it is not a good idea to edit a PDF with Draw, as can be shown by the first paragraph in the screenshot: it overflows in the right margin because you have not the original font and a substitution was done.

Instead you should recreate a real text document in Writer with copy and paste. You could then restyle it to your taste and modify it in any way you need as reflow, layout and formatting are taken care of by Writer.

Double the page size, if the page size is A4 portrait then you need to make page size A3 landscape.

Draw is not suitable to edit complex pdfs as ajlittoz says.