Draw - Select objects by partial selection rectangle

I’ve searched for this capability, can’t find anything here or elsewhere online.

With Draw, is it possible to select one or more objects by including them partially (not completely) in a selection rectangle?

I have no problem selecting objects by enclosing them entirely in a selection rectangle.

If you’re wondering why,it’s because I don’t want to include other objects under and/or around the desired objects.


You should be able to work this out using a simple drawing, so is there more to the question? Maybe you have selected an object within a group and found that the entire group is selected?

Alternatively, with your initial selection, you can add to it by holding down Shift and clicking on additional objects you want to include (or Shift-click on a selected object to remove it from selection).

Grouping objects together that belong together is a very helpful way to solve selection problems.

Maybe use layers for more complex drawings so you can lock the layer to prevent selection of objects in that layer.

Thank you. I’m aware of all those procedures, and I’ll use one of them as last resort. Unfortunately, the drawing came to me with only one layer, and would require a lot of work to add other helpful layers.

Perhaps I wasn’t clear. The sheet consists of a grid of tightly spaced dots, as well as a column of circle objects that overlap the grid. If I’m careful, I can select (as in “selection rectangle/box”) a thin sliver between dots that touches each of the circle objects and includes none of the dots. I cannot enclose the circles entirely in my selection rectangle, as this would also include several/many dots, which I do not want.

Yes, I can individually select each and every circle I want, but I figured there ought to be a faster way. Perhaps not.

With Visio, it’s possible to specify whether a selection rectangle must completely enclose desired objects, or if only a partial contact selects and includes each “touched” object in the selection.

Not as far as I know. I have encountered that behaviour in some drawing programs, can’t quite remember which ones now.

some drawing programs


As a workaround:

  • Select the dots until past the middle line of the circles column
  • Add the other dots to the selection beggining from the other side
  • If circles size are irregular, you may need to make an extra selection in the middle
  • Group the dots

Now you can select the circles.

Thanks LeroyG, that does indeed allow me to easily (sorta) group the dots or assign them to a new layer, and from there select the circles and assign them to a different layer. Thx