Draw: Show "non-printing" borders of images or text boxes?

In LibreOffice Draw, is there a way to show the borders / boundaries of images and text boxes even when the “line style” is set to “none”? I don’t want the borders to print, just to be visible for arranging. This would be a huge beneift in arranging the layout.

I was hoping for something like with tables where the lines would show but be “light gray” to suggest they are non-printing but there for user feedback.

Sorry but this question is relevant and is not outdated.

Then please do update the OP. I’m sure you’ve come some ways in this subject.

@rautameikka Sorry but I am unable to re-open the post as my reputation is not 200(+). Are you able to, then I can update it?

TTTT I didn’t expect to be able to do that, but it worked.

I would like to know as well.

I confirm the issue.
I suggest you to open a feature request on the bug tracker.