DRAW: Sticking drawing points

Trying to complete a Jpeg picture. I cannot master the straight lines I am trying to draw. They keep sticking to somme angles. I tried to cancel “show” > “grid and lines” or “capture guides” nothing doing!

Please read this:

JPEG will give you fuzzy lines. Drawings are better suited to export as PNG which is a non-compressed bitmap but you can reduce colours to an indexed 256 colour png which will be smaller than the jpeg and look much cleaner. Ideally, they should be Exported as SVG which is a vector format but if you are sharing with colleagues, they won’t be able to read them in Microsoft Word which bizarrely doesn’t support them (everything else does).

Make sure that you have selected the correct drawing tool, some only stick to multiples of 45 degrees, e.g. Polygon (45°), the icon gives a hint and the tooltip helps. Polygon would be a better tool for what you want.

In Tools > Options > LibreOffice Draw > Grid make sure you have not ticked (unticked by default) the box Constrain objects > When creating or moving

Holding down SHIFT will constrain objects too.
Check whether you have Snap on, as line will want to snap to Grid points or to other objects depending on settings.

I cannot give a full tutorial but there is the excellent Draw Guide on the Documentation page. Cheers Alistair

Hi lsdx,

I am not sure about your question, but if you want to attach connectors (lines attached on glue points) on a spécific point in your image, you must create a glue point where you want attach the connector.

Here some links where you can get some help about connectors, glue points or specific bar. :wink:

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