Draw styles in writer

I’m trying to create and apply a style on a callout (the drawing widget) in writer (not draw!). Writer doesn’t seem to let me do this.

The steps I am taking:

  1. draw a callout in my document. By default, its background is blue
  2. create a new style named “mycallout”
  3. modify the style and set the area background to yellow
  4. click on the callout I inserted in step 1, and click the ‘mycallout’ style

What I would expect to happen: the callout’s background becomes yellow

What actually happens: the callout appears unchanged

Ditto for font changes, line width changes, etc. Am I doing something wrong?

Running on Ubuntu 13.10, Libreoffice (installed via the ppa).

Writer only supports styles of type:

  • Paragraph.
  • Character.
  • Frame.
  • Page.
  • List.

Draw only supports styles of type:

  • Graphic.
  • Presentation.

It is not possible to create a style for the line and area aspects of a drawn object in Writer. Thus, when you state:

create a new style named “mycallout”

… this is likely a paragraph style, affecting only the background of the text in the callout.