[Draw+Writer] Connectors no longer connect boxes after paste

To illustrate a document, I design in Draw a graphic schema to better emphasize relations between components. Components are represented by boxes linked with connectors anchored at glue points on the boxes. The drawing is quite complex with groups within groups so that “abstract” components can be move as a whole. Connectors are “stitched” to the appropriate basic box and moving a component updates connector routing as expected.



Once the drawing is satisfying, it is copied into the clipboard (Ctrl+C). The Writer document is opened and the clipboard content is pasted (Ctrl+V though Paste special could also be used). The connectors in the Writer frame are now totally disconnected from their origins/destination as can be seen in


I already had trouble with connectors (but only with their routing, refer to a previous question about visual difference between Draw and Writer. Here connectors have been moved away from the boxes.

LO is With previous LO releases, I had to artificially make some editing, like moving a bit some box and repaste the drawing to get things right (until next edit in Writer which would have an impact on the drawing frame or in Draw to modify the drawing). Here, this workaround is no longer effective and I must admit I’m quite fed up with those annoyances.

From oweng’s answer to the aforementioned question, I don(t think that designing my drawing in another application such as Inkscape would change Writer behaviour. I like the Draw/Writer integration but I sorely regret this kind of bug. Draw contains everything I need for this present work with simple easy-to-use concepts and I’d expect it to work correctly.

Is there any cheat trick to get an exact copy of the drawing pasted into Writer?

Note: a quick answer would be appreciated as this bug is blocking release for the document. Thanks in advance.

I have tested it with a current daily build and I have no problems with such connectors. Perhaps you try it with a developer build? Another help might be to group all what you want to copy before you copy it and then copy&paste it to Writer. If you do not want to edit it in Writer, then another format, e.g. wmf, svg or png might help too.

It is difficult to characterize the circumstances under which this bug happens. It requires a least an already complex drawing. I met the bug in various LO releases and I don’t use developer versions.

Your tip about grouping everything before copying has corrected the situation. Even after closing and reopening the document, connectors remains where they should be. However, I consider the tip a workaround, not as a permanent fix. I’ll close the question in 2 weeks from now if no better answer i

If I knew a solution, I would not write a comment but an answer. There exist some bug reports about connectors. Perhaps one covers your problem already, otherwise you should write a bug report and attach a document which helps to reproduce the problem.