drawing.odg file won't open in DRAW, goes to Impress only

Wondered why there were no layer tabs visible in the drawing I opened from a blank DRAW page. File.odg opened in Impress, which doesn’t support layers. Which may explain why I couldn’t edit the file in Impress–Copy & Paste operation had no visible effect.
How can I force LO to open a .odg file in DRAW?

LO on openSuse 42.1 (64-bit)

I don’t know why it opened in Impress, but can you open Draw, and then File → Open and navigate to the file? Or it opens in Impress no matter what?

Yes, tried opening only Draw, then file/open/… but it comes up in Impress every time.

Is that file only or it happens with every odg file?

Good point. Since I just started to use DRAW, I have only two files, of the same subject. The other file does open in DRAW, and shows the layer tabs. So I’ll assume the newer misbehaving file is corrupted and work with the earlier version (only some work lost).

I’d like to understand what happened, but for now we can say this question is CLOSED.

Suggestion, in case you can do something in the GUI: put the “Visible” radio button on the tab and not just on the separate “Modify Layer” window.

Shift-click the tab to make the layer invisible and shift-click again to make it visible. The invisible layer gets “blue” as color of the text of the label.