Drop-Down Fonts List

How can I make the fonts list shorter (the drop-down list), I mean removing some fonts I never use.
By the way, many fonts in the system are hidden.
Answers will be appreciated.

LO version is 7.1.4
Windows system win 10 pro, 19042.1052 x64 (20H2)

There is no such drop-down menu in Impress, Base and Math. So, please, replace tag common (question applies to all applications of the suite) with writer or calc. Use the retag link. To exit retag mode, type a space to be away from any keyword and press twice Enter.

You can’t, this list shows the “compatible” fonts in the OS. If many fonts don’t show up, they have no format managed by the LO font renderer.

Learn to work with styles so that you no longer need this menu.

Introduction to styles is given in the Writer and Calc guides.

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Thanks, I did not know about the “Styles” option. Downloaded the new manual and made some reading.

You’re welcome.

Is it possible to apply style to the elements of dialog?

What do you mean “elements of dialog”? A modal window with controls you can set? Or common language “dialogue” where two characters speak to each other?

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