Drop-down list to hide certain columns

Hi all,

I am working on a spreadsheet for a friend’s grocery company. Certain restaurants will order on certain days of the week, so I would like to create a drop-down list or macro enabled button to automatically hide restaurant columns that do not order on a specific day. For example, if selecting “Monday” on the drop-down list all restaurants that do not order on Mondays will be hidden.

Any advice you could give on this would be greatly appreciated. I am an amateur just trying to help my friend out!


It is not a very difficult task to hide or show rows. It’s a little more difficult to agree in what form the days of the week will be indicated for each of the restaurants: in one cell through a separator, in several cells, in a separate sheet in the form of a short dictionary. Will rows be added in such a compressed form or only existing data will be edited?

Thanks so much for your prompt reply.

Good points. Firstly I think it would be more user friendly to have the days of the week indicated in a separate sheet as you suggest. That way if a restaurant changes delivery days suddenly it will be easy to implement.


Well, try this - Weekday Restaurants filter.ods

Hi John,
This is pretty much what I had in mind! Thanks so much for your help. I am currently unable to get the drop down list to change the restaurant columns that are visible, is there something specific I need to do to enable it? apologies for my lack of experience

Sorry, I didn’t understand your question. Do you ask “How to create a drop-down list?” This is on the Data-Validity menu.

Hi, it works! Thanks for your help JohnSUN. I’m now working on integrating it with what I have set up so far. Next I will learn about IFERROR and a couple of other bits to completely understand how this all works!
Thanks again.

I am happy to help. Can you mark the answer as correct?