Drop down menu not visible in LO, Writer, Calc

I can not see the drop down menu in Writer , LibreOffice Calc I am using LO 4.03 and Ubuntu 12.04

The menus are now working on Ubuntu 12.04.2 with the recently pushed *-precise2 update. Thanks to the developers for thier hard work!

Assuming you are using the PPA, the bug is fixed when you run a ‘sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade’. fdo#63840 is the correct bug number, which is fixed now.

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Great! Thanks for the news.

it didn’t work under ubuntu 12

@eduardomundim: This refers to LibreOffice 4.0 installed from the PPA under Ubuntu 12.04. Please check if your system and package source match those.

I am having a very similar if not the same problem with debian wheezy (fully updated as of a few days ago). Clicking on a list button ‘depresses’ the button but shows nothing. If I turn the mouse wheel while the mouse is over the button, the menu items appear below. This is LO

@Ron-libo, you probably should ask a new question describing as in much detail as possible your problem. This question refers specifically to a particular build of LO for an Ubuntu PPA.