Drop down menus only contain two fields

I just recently reinstalled Ubuntu 12.04 after finding out that 12.10 was terrible. Libreoffice has always worked like a charm, but now something seems to have gone wrong. The drop-down menus in all of the office applications (impress, draw, calc, writer) are way, way too narrow. They only have room for two fields. This happens when I right click and in the menus at the top. Except it doesn’t happen on the right side of the application. This is what is really bugging me. Since I am new here I cannot upload any screenshots, but I have provided a imgur album with all three cases in them.

Hope someone can help, cause this is really weird.

I use Gnome Shell and a dual monitor setup on an nvidia card with the newest 310 drivers. Don’t know if this is relevant, but who knows.

EDIT: Something even weirder: If I right click the windows border of Libreoffice I get the full drop-down menu (maximize, minimize, move etc.). It is only when I am actually inside the application the small menus appear. Very strange.

This is still bugging me and I have no idea why. Trying to reinstall libreoffice through Ubuntu Software Center to see if that will do anything. Pretty desperate.
EDIT: Reinstalling did nothing. This is so strange.

Ok. So I think I have found out the root of the problem. It has not resolved itself, but I had a feeling that it had something to do with my multimonitor setup. That menues were being squashed as if there was no room for them made me think in that direction. I have now turned off one of the monitors, so that I only use half of my screen estate. The menues are now just fine. This if obviously a terrible solution, but one I will have to endure for the time being. Here is to hoping the developers will seriously consider looking into multimonitor setups in upcoming versions.

I have now fixed this issue, but not in the way I had hoped. I have installed Linux Mint 14 instead of Ubuntu, and now Libreoffice works as expected. The problem seems to be ubuntu specific. Who knew?

So to anyone having this problem: install another distro.