Drop-down selection with multiline text in forms

I am trying to create a form in Draw (build 1:5.1.6~rc2-0ubuntu1~xenial1) and need to somehow solve this if it is possible.

Can I have a dropdown list in the form showing by default something like:

Company 1
Street 1
City 1

but after clicking the field showing entries for more companies?
Desired goal is to simply change the multiline header of the file instead of having to create copies only with different header.

Is it possible?


Hello juhele,
you could make such a form with dropdown list using LibreOffice Base , i don’t know if it’s possible in Draw

The target file has to be a PDF form so I am creating it in Draw.

Enable the Form Controls in menu View>Toolbars. It has a control List Box. For to use it without data base you set “Wizard on/off” to "off "(llast item in that toolbar). In the properties of the “List box” you will need “List entries” (press Shift+Enter after each item) , “Drop down” (Yes) and “Multiselection” (No). The tab Data has an additional list. I do not know, whether both values would be send. I do not know how PDF-forms work, therefore this not as answer, but as comment. Please test it.

It seems the kind “value list” is broken in current version of LibreOffice. It is available in version 4.1.

Wow, at leas many thanks for the advice regarding the list entries without need to use Base - the manually entered entries work great for me - at least for single line selection.

If you use Writer, the drop down works, only in Draw it fails. You can export to PDF-forms in Writer too. Why do you want to use Draw? Just tested: If you fill “List content” in the Data tab, then those values will be sent instead of the “List entries” from the tab General, but the user still sees those from the General tab. At least for the original form in Writer, but I don’t know, how to test a PDF-form.

Draw was just more comfortable for docs with more complicated formatting. But I will try Writer. Thanks.

The following works for Writer und Calc, but is currently broken in Draw and Impress, see tdf#107206.

  1. Open toolbar View> Toolbars> Form Controls.
  2. Disable Wizards On/Off.
  3. Select tool List Box and drag-create a box.
  4. Select tool Control from the toolbar or from the context menu to open the Properties dialog
  5. On tab General scroll down to field List entries. Enter the items for the list, finish each item with Shift-Enter, finish the list with Enter.
  6. Scroll down to field Dropdown and set it to Yes. Make sure field Multiselection has No.
  7. Scroll down to field Help text and enter a short message for the user. It will be shown as tooltip on the List Box, not only in Writer but in Acrobat Reader too, when you have exported to PDF.

Thanks much for all your time. However, this is sad for me: