Dropdown menu in LibreOffice newest version

Hi there,

I can’t seem to figure out how to make a dropdown menu in the latest version of LibreOffice (this wiki page and screenshot sadly didn’t help because this seems to be the older version of LibreOffice).

Just trying to add a drop down menu in a pdf editable document.

Thanks for any help provided!


Although you state “menu” and also show images (in most cases) this is not of any use in a PDF document. A menu is nothing mare than the ability to select a pre-defined item which is to complete another action. This other action is done through code and with LO & PDF’s there is no code ability.

It may be what you want is a list box. For a visual on this see my answer in this post → How do you create a list of List entries for a List Box in Writer?.

For more information on this and other controls, see the LibreOffice documentation → LibreOffice Writer Guide. See Chapter 18 - Forms.