Dual x-axes with different scales column chart

I need to use a column chart with dual axes and on the bottom axis I need to show the channel number and on the top I need to show the energy associated with that channel.

As an example my data being plotted could be

1|	0.5|	1
2|	1.5|	2
3|	2.5|    3
4|	3.5|	4
5|	4.5|	5

Where the right column would be what’s plotted and I need the left column to be on the bottom axis and the middle column to be on the top axis. I know this is possible to do in Microsoft Excel but I’d rather not switch to Windows. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

I ended up just doing this in Microsoft Excel but I have submitted an enhancement bug report so hopefully this is an option we will see in the future.

I don’t know of any way to achieve what you require short of manually editing the chart elements. The separation of the two ranges of X-axis values is not really possible as the Categories is what represents the X-axis. This is what I came up with. I used different values so I could be should which data range I was viewing.

I have to agree with @oweng. You can set a 2. x-axis but you cannot assign different labels to it. But it is a good idea so please file an enhancement bug here.

If you want some really tricky charts but with UI, then Gnumeric might be the tool for you. It is not especially easy to use, but it won’t limit your creativity if you want to go nuts. It can have any number of X and Y-axis.

Or if you can write scripts, then maybe pyplot will let you do even more and in some cases may be even The Choice™.