Dumb HTML Question

A friend of mine is running Libre Office under Linex (though I am not certain which "flavor). He has files with the extension HTM that do not “load for editing” for him. On my (Windows 7) version of Libre Office they open for editing easily under the LibreOffice Writer/Web operational identity. Can anybody tell me what the “problem” is???

You should tell what the problem is, if any (and from your posting it is not clear if you have any). We will try to help you find a solution.

Perhaps, you’d better refer this site to your friend so that he could ask a question.

Waiting for the question to be more explicit.

Meanwhile, remember Writer is not an HTML editor, i.e. you don’t directly play with the HTML source. You format a document in Writer and this formatting is approximately translated into a mix of HTML and CSS. Reciprocally, an HTML file can be read into Writer and approximately again translated into an acceptable formatting. But don’t play too much with it. Successive translations, on load and save, have disastrous cumulative effects.

I just found out that my friend was “double LMB clicking” in the file rather than RMB clicking to select “Open with.” Problem solved.