Duplex printing multiple copies without using "separate print jobs" option?

Hi there,

I have a 2 page document that I want to print duplex. And I want to print multiple copies of it in one go.

Until recently this seemed to be possible without using the “separate print jobs for collation” option in the printer settings.
Now, if this option is left unticked, I have the following output:

1|1 and 2|2

instead of

1|2 and 1|2

As the option seems to make the printer take a lot more time to finish the job, I wonder if this is a bug.
Any help is appreciated.

There is a checkbox “Collate” on the first tab of the printing dialog. It needs to be checked. Is it?

It was not checked.
So I checked that box and disabled “separate print jobs” - but the problem remains exactly the same. Any other ideas ? Thank you.

Please add, which printer do you use and which LibreOffice version. Do you have changed printer or LibreOffice version recently?

the printer is a Brother MFCL2740DW - Libreoffice version is, shipped with ubuntu 16.04LTS version -

… and the printer has been bought recently, yes. But this bug did not show up in the beginning. Libreoffice is always the same version.

Printing in Linux can be special. You might get some tips in a Ubuntu forum. Some further ideas: Get the last driver (it is from 2017-12-25). Play around with the duplex settings; you have such in the printer driver and at the control panel. Check “Print automatically inserted blank pages”.

Ok, will have a look there - Thank you for your kind help !