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Please forgive me if this inquiry is duplicated. I have 200 records of data in CSV format (the first line holds columns names), I wonder if is it possible to make a document (as template) in LibreOffice writer as a single form or table to generate (by retrieving the data from CSV file) a single page per record, for all 200 records?

To elaborate this, suppose I collect data via online forms (CSV) from my users to generate info cards for each one of them, so each one will get a printed info card with his/her own’s info. So I thought I could use writer or calc to achieve this task, am I wrong or is that’s possible?


Please edit your question (you may have to expand the “three dots” icon to find the Edit tool = a pencil) to describe your intention with more details. Don’t use a comment to do this. It is much better to keep all initial data in the question itself rather than requiring a contributor to read a conversation. This may result in TL;DR syndrom (too long, don’t read) and discourage answers.

What is your raw input data? A database from which you extract the CSV? A spreadsheet? Or only the text file in CSV format?

It looks to me you’re trying to edit a report from your data: a nice presentation on one page per record.
If this is the case the Base application of the LO suite is the best tool: it contains a report generator with which you can design your form graphically. But the type of input data format is very important to ease the process. See my first question.

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Yes, please see Chapter 14 Mail Merge (about .csv - Creating and registering an address data source)

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