Dynamic formula variables

I’m trying to generate a formula in libre that would select a column based on drop down list selection. I realize this is invalid but I think it illustrates what I’m trying to do better than my words could.


Which seemed to me like a logical simplification of this ridiculously long formula that I believe has too many IF’s to work.

A2 and B2 are drop downs 1-52 which I would like to have the formula insert the cell value from that column/row.

Any help would be appreciated; tried to post a screen shot of the table but alas I lack the karma to upload.

The index= answer below does appear to work for what I was attempting to do/describe above. Many thanks.

I think you are looking for extract the value in a position inside a range:




+1! The first parameter of the For OFFSET() can be B5: so then don’t have to subtract 1 from the $A$2 =OFFSET(B5;0;$A$2)

Hi JohnSUN, you are right, it is for keep the first cell of referenced range, easier to understand (I think), also could avoid issues inserting a column in B e.g.