Dynamic hide/unhide sheets based on cell value

Let say that my workbook have sheets as follow: “Workbook content”; “1”; “2”; “3”; “4”; “5”; “6”; …etc…

Column “A” in sheet named “Workbook content” is a list of sheets from workbook and it looks like: A1=“1”; A2=“2”; A3=“3”; A4=“4”; A5=“5”; …etc…

Now, I want to be able to dynamic hide or unhide sheets based on value In column “B” (or any other column on this “Workbook content” sheet). For example, if B1=“Hide”; B2=“Hide”; B3=“Show”; B4=“Hide”; B5=“Show”; B6=“Show” then sheets with name “1”, “2”, “4” should be hidden and other sheets (“3”, “5” and “6”) should be visible on sheet tabs. As I say, if is possible, system should be dynamic. How can I do this? I would be very grateful if someone can help me.

Using a formula it’s a bad idea. It’s better if you using a macro. Next code does work.

Sub sheets(event)
	doc = ThisComponent
	If event.ImplementationName = "ScCellObj" Then
		ca = event.CellAddress
		If ca.Column = 1 Then
			so = event.SpreadSheet
			c = so.getCellByPosition(0, ca.Row)
			t = LCase(event.String)
			s = doc.Sheets.getByName(c.String)
			If t = "hide" Then
				v = False
			ElseIf t = "show" then
				v = True
				Exit Sub
			End If
			s.isVisible = v
		End If
	End If
End Sub

And set in event “Content changed” in your sheet “Workbook content”

Best regards

Hi Mauricio. I was trying to do this job with something like theCell=ThisComponent.CurrentSelection and then use thecell for sheet.isvisible=true/false but without wanted result. Your macro do exactly what I need and want…I just put “v=false” instead “Exit Sub” in your code to avoid any visible sheet except sheet with “Show” in column B for this example…very simple idea Mauricio, thanks a lot…I guess that this answer could have closed tag now…Best regards to you