dynamic images in calc

Is it possible to create dynamic images in calc.
I have created a list of items with their images in the adjacent cell. Each cell with the image has been given a name.
What I want to do is to be able to select the name of the cell from a drop down list and the corresponding image will appear in a selected cell, the image in the cell to change depending on which name is selected.
Have tried following a possible solution that appears to work in Excel, using the INDIRECT formula but am unable to name the actual image rather than the cell it is in.

No, neither the INDIRECT() function, nor any other built-in function will help you solve this problem. Calc was originally intended for mathematical calculations, working with images is an additional feature, not the main one.

But to the question “Is it possible to create a dynamic image” the answer is “Yes, it is possible”.

You just need to write the desired function using BASIC or any other built-in programming language.

One possible solution in the file ImgFromDropdown.ods

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Thanks I’ll check it out

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