Dynamic link between base (data source) e writer table

Is there a way to create dynamic and non-static links between the base (HSQLDB-firebird-mysql-etc) and writers such that each change on the database automatically cascades onto a writer without needing to refresh?
Months ago the only system I had found was to make a dynamic link between base and calc cascaded by a dynamic link (DDE like) between calc and writer.
Is there a less complicated system to achieve the same result?

Some nicknames or some developer of the forum is able, even if only by hypothesis, to explain to me the reasons behind this choice to allow and favor the dynamic connection between calc and base, calc and writer, even between writer and writer through the sections of two different documents, but not between writers and base (where is instead possible the simple static link, the copy of a recordset in a writer table?

Is it a technical problem? Is it a functional choice considering this marginal functionality? Or other ?

I wonder why, on the contrary, there are various possibilities of dynamic links, as I have listed above. I would need, for example, to manage glossaries on databases on which to run queries to be displayed comfortably in writer