Easy fix for ".man" file extension download via Win10's Internet Explorer.


Just a heads-up here. I just downloaded LibreOffice v6.4.5 for Windows 10 64bit to review for a user who thinks they have to pay $$$ for Microsoft Office for their office productivity needs. I did a “Save As” to my desired temp work folder. It saved it as a “.man” extension file. A little research showed this is a known issue when using Internet Explorer to do the download. Of course Windows has no idea what a “.man” file is. The easy fix is just to rename the “.man” extension to “.msi”. The install will then run as expected. HTH

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(This comment comes from a long-term Linux user & former server admin)
(The fix offered above works fine)

The source of the problem was established many years ago, and it is NOT Microsoft Internet Explorer (MSIE). The problem is actually bad web-server setup. The remote admin has setup the web-server to provide “.man” as a suggestion/instruction for the filetype for MSI files & MSIE follows that instruction.

The relevant docs for the Apache webserver:

AddType application/octet-stream .msi

The problem, therefore, is specific to specific servers. If the server admin fixes the setup mistake the problem stops for all web-browsers.

I would suggest that the actual problem is that TDF have not setup a simple method for users to report errors with specific mirrors & for those reports to be auto-forwarded to the server admins + the mirrors removed from the mirror-list until reported clear.