easy way to mark a large section in a spreadsheet

Suppose I have a spreadsheet with 55,000 rows (or more). To mark all cells in one column, I do not like to waste the extreme time it takes to hold down my cursor starting with the top cell and pulling it down 55,000 rows to the bottom. Is there a simple sequence I can use to accomplish this?

Hello @OldBaldy,

You could just select the first cell in your column, and then press CTRL+SHIFT+ARROW DOWN.
If there are empty cells in the column, just press CTRL+SHIFT+ARROW DOWN again to jump over the “gap”.

HTH, lib

Write the desired cell range into the “Name Box”, top-left of the sheet. Write A1:A55000 for example, and press enter-key. If you need the same range often, it might be useful to name it.

If there are many gaps you may get it faster by
-1- Ctrl+End
-2- “Walk” with LeftArrow to your column (if needed at all)
-3- Ctrl+UpArrow once to go to the last used cell in that column (if needed at all).

(However, data collections should be contiguous in any case.)

Works perfectly! Thanks mils!

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